Time-tested crypto solutions
huglester validator offers risk-free services, helping people compound their crypto-investments by participating in staking. We provide highly available, safe and non-custodial staking services. We pride ourselves in offering crypto-services that have stood the test of time.
huglester validator operates only within the confines of the law and accepted regulations.
Mainnet networks
  • Solana

    Vote account address: 4QhNoG3PN1FXXFhAEA2QWdor6xjXvM9pjq6MXAUV8Zg2 / 10% fee

  • TheGraph

    Indexer address: 0x4595855Ed2D498fC2cbd7f415E7F262e2328D950 / contact us for an offer. Indexer running in private 100% fee mode.

  • CELO

    Our group address: 0x614b7654ba0cc6000abe526779911b70c1f7125a / 0% fee


    Address for delegation: oasis1qzv7a0gkxwpfelv985fvkl24k7jh3arfwy84zw7q / 17% fee

  • MINA

    Our address: B62qpFW3CEiqiVi4bRpDKf7ZNq3qNUKbHKhxQ68EUQ8QeeK5pksZVsE

  • CasperLabs

    Address for delegation: 01d2212cbecf229cd13deb7d2b650ed72cc109763398d95aa7743a1559e7eb4781 / 8% fee


    Address for delegation: 0xc3da1e332dc1de729b1ae2aa94821046be4ff1a4

  • Incognito Chain

    We have deployed many nodes on the network.